The Hubleys

John Hubley, a political activist and labor advocate throughout his career,was targeted by the House Un-American Activities Committee and was blacklisted in Hollywood for refusing to name names. When he married Faith Elliott in 1955, who had worked her way up in the film industry since she was 18, they vowed to make a film together each year they were married. They formed a company in New York called Storyboard (they couldn''t use the name Hubley because of the blacklist). After John's death, Faith continued to make beautiful films drawing on artistic and spiritual traditions from around the world. She taught at Yale, and was an inspiration to many independent animators. (She spoke at a screening of independent films, Life Cycles and Life Lines, that I curated, the day after my wedding in 1995).

Their creativity certainly rubbed off on their families -- daughter Emily Hubley is a respected independent animator, who created the animated sequences for the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Youo can visit Hubub, Inc., her production company. Georgia Hubley is drummer for the band Yo La Tengo.
You can read about the Hubleys and their creative partnership on the website for the PBS documentary about their lives, Independent Spirits.

The Onion AV Club has a 2000 interview with Faith Hubley here.

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